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Hi guys, I’m doing a project on fandom. Please help me out by filling out this form and if possible ask your friends to fill them out, thanks.

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Hello Everybody !

I am selling my

  One Ok Rock Concert-ticket

7th Dec.2014 at Cologne, Germany

Price: 30 Euro ( inclusive shipping costs)

If you want to buy the ticket, please send my a message.

I accept PayPal and I will send the ticket after the In-Payment as registered mail.

Hallo an Alle

Ich verkaufe mein

Konzertticket für das One ok Rock Konzert

am 07.12.2014 in Köln

Preis: 30 Euro mit Versand

Bei Interesse schreibt mir  einfach eine Nachricht.

Ich akzeptiere PayPal und werde das Ticket nach Zahlungseingang per Einschreiben verschicken !

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Anonymous asked:
aaw gracias por contestar ^^

De nada, lindura ^^

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14.08.19 ONE OK ROCK [ワンオクロック] Tickets sold out? in Teatro Vorterix, Argentina | Radiocut

ONE OK ROCK rings again in Radio Vorterix. TICKETS SOLD OUT?!! Last tuesday, Mario Pergolini (famous argentinean reporter, and the owner of The Vorterix Network) drops the news. He talks about the band, and amusingly reads the members bios. Mario gives his opinion on the band, and the rest of the commentarists talk about ralted subjects, while playing “MIghty Long Fall, and The begining” in the backgorund. Also, the conductor expresses his desire to bring them to the radio station. (Editing/cut: vanegutierrez90 ~ Translation on me)

Mario: Ok, so ONE OK ROCK , ehm… I think they sold out.

C1: OH.

Mario: The japanese band that’s coming… japanese or chinese? I’m sorry, I don’t want to be rude…

C1: Japanese, I think.

C2: Japanese, they’re japanese.

Mario: This is a new world to me… It’s sort of a shock…

C2: They’re japanese.

Mario: They’ll be playing at Teatro Vorterix. But… There’s no more tickets left. They’re sold out… It was amazing the amount of kids in the ticket office… japanese kids. They were so many… I lended $30 to one of them. I gave them to him, actually…

C2: He ran out of…

Mario: Because he went to the optical store, the one around the corner, remember? I have to return, I still haven’t returned his glasses, and just when he was going out, the sale was starting (yup, I don’t understand why is it he has the kids glasses either)… So, ONE OK ROCK… I have so many thoughts on this…

C2: Yes?…

Mario: What a difference between a japanese and an english, right? (he refers to the way the music is mixed. He was talking about Artic Monkeys before, hence the comment). Seems like japanese people like 1D. No, wait, before you call me out, I mean in the looks, not the music style. They look equally young (he compares youth with appeal).

C1: and they sing in japanese…

Mario: eh?

C1: in rock, is so hard… It’s like “give me the full set”…

Mario: Well, first they’re called ONE OK ROCK, ONE OK ROCK ( trying to pronounce it correctly)

C2: is hard to get in the rock scene singing in japanese (she’s prasing them)

Mario: Ah, is ONE O’KROCK? Like one o’clock?

C1: Yes.

Mario: I mean, all this is competely unknown to me, so… Oh, I got it. Taka, who is the singer, was born in april 17th of 1988.

C1: yes

Mario: He’s 24 ( I know, I know, but that’s what he says)

C3: Ole, ole ole, Taka, Taka ( nobody sings this unless they feel admiration. And, yes, is “that” chant)

Mario: Right… On the bass, Ryota, September 4th fo 1989. 23 Toru, on the guitar, 1988. And, on drums, Tomoya in 87th. Two from Osaka, one from Tokyo, and the other one from Hyougo. The little I can say from what I remember is that It was formed  around 2005. ONE OK ROCK has great live performances where they put their soul in it. They have different music styles, emo rock, and heavy and metal.

C2: a fusion.

Mario: Their sound is frenetic during their live performances, and they have the support of very enthusiactic fans of young age.

C2: The kind of thrust you can only get from youth.

Mario:They became very famous, you know when?

C3: when?

Mario: In the last summer festival.

C2: Oh, right. I like them…

Mario: … yeah,and they’re succesful…OK, let’s twitt them.

C2: we have to steal them, we have have to find the source of their strength…

Mario: Yeah, we have to find a way… Tell them we’re really waiting for them…Well, we’ll talk to them and see if we can bring them here ( to the radio station) if they have time… No, no, they’re very succesful here (answering to someone from the staff), how energetic!… Yeah, but it’s still broken (again, talking ot someone from the staff)… To be born in an island where there’re so many people, I mean, really…

C3: Yeah, yeah, not everybody can do that…

Mario: … and to be able to go around the world like “yeah, yeah, I got it”

 C3: …in a place where once a day you have a tremor…

Mario: That’s so crazy, right? A place where all the time is *makes earthquake sound*. The only place in the world where they dropped atomic bombs on people (reflexive tone)

C2: so lucky, right? (to survive) To think that someone made that madness…

Mario: Yeah, they’re very impressive, the japanese people..

C2: I know right? They survived through everything…

Mario: They survived at everything. It’s like they said, let’s go find all the isand in the Pacific and (let’s make them a world power)… I mean, weird people…

C3: Yeah, poeple with endurance. Resilient.

Mario: Yeah, its’ just that after China… with China’s reversion, the japanese run out of fuel (an expression: “they had nothing left to do)…

C1: China is another world…

C3: and they send Takahara to us… (A football player from the team “Boca Juniors”)

Mario: Yeha, about football… tell me the truth, you think wrong of them?

C3: What? no, not at all.

Mario: we had a nice immigration…

C1: me?

C2: you what?

C1: well, kinda…

Mario: Nah, it was big, pretty big, the japanese immigration…

C1: You’re right, the problem is with the chinese (this commentarist is a comedian that encarnates a character with very low morality)

Mario: NO..

C2: What are you talking about? *laughs*

C1: Yeah, the problem is with the chinese…

C3: what? But didn’t you have business with them?

C1: That too, yeah, But I mean, with the chinese form the chinese (supermaket. They’re very frecuent, and are famous for not giving you your change back. they trick you inot buying something else.)

C2: yeah, the one from here… (she means the supermarket)

C1: yup, the chinese supermarket.

Mario, we’ve been trhough everything already. We’re a carousel. The audinece who tuned in 10 minutes ago is listening to some japanese doing *techno sound*, and now is listening to ONE OK ROCK…

C2: we’re all about Japan today…

C1: No, it’s a normal day in our lives…

C2: right

Mario: We had the Catupecu (Machu. A great argentinean rock band. Check them out) yesterday. In a moment, he broke, and I was like “God, how am I gonna put up with this?”… That guy amaze me…

C2: it happens sometimes

C3: nice instrument he had, right?

Mario: Nice. It makes you feel in the moment… How to say it… To put it somehow… It’s super vaporizing (a moment so tense it makes you suffer)..

C3: yeah, it looked hard to play…

Mario: It looked like a xylophon, I’m not so sure it’s so hard to play…I think he wasn’t in the mood… Don’t you wanna start playing that instrument?

C3: I might. I might.

Mario: does someone see it? Have it?

C2: it was big…

C3: what was its name?

Mario: Gyan, tran, hang…

C3: han

C2: looks diffcult…

Translation on me. Enjoy!

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